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Structure of the book

Each lesson is organized around a routine that is common in most young children’s days, to learn during a single home visit or center-based class, or they might be stretched over several visits. Depending on the structure of the early intervention program, visits may take place daily, weekly, monthly, or at some other frequency.

Each lesson contains:



Phrase practice

Receptive practice

Language enrichment lesson

Deaf cultural wealth lesson

The need for this curriculum

The vast majority – 90-95% – of deaf and hard of hearing are born to hearing parents. Many families choose to offer their child multiple languages and modalities as they grow, in order to optimize language access and acquisition. However, for those who want their child to acquire ASL but do not already know the language themselves, the task before them (i.e., learning a new language) can seem daunting. While there are many resources available for learning ASL, few serve the hearing family of a young deaf child. Some of the resources already in existence include community-based in-person classes, in-person and online college-level classes, online self-driven programs for parents, in-person and online deaf mentoring sessions, one-time learning events, and more. We developed this book to fill some of the gaps left behind by the current opportunities available.

About the Authors

photo of Razi

Razi M. Zarchy, MS, CCC-SLP

is a hearing Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) in the Sacramento, California area, working primarily in a Deaf Education program. He has been an SLP since 2011.

In Spring 2020, with the onset of COVID-19 and the abrupt switch to distance learning, Razi created an extensive spreadsheet of resources for families and providers of deaf and hard of hearing children, called Razi's Resources for Communication at Home.

photo of Leah

Leah C. Geer Zarchy, PhD

is a deaf Associate Professor and Program Coordinator for the ASL and Deaf Studies program at California State University, Sacramento. She has been teaching ASL since 2011.

Click here for her website.

Razi and Leah sitting on a bench in front of a tree, holding their two dogs

Thank you for your interest in ASL at Home!

Razi and Leah standing in front of a tree, wearing ASL at Home polo shirts and holding up several copies of the ASL at Home book